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    Doesn't work. Use Http instead.
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    @p100sch oh, yes 😅
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    @p100sch Did you just buy that domain after reading this? Because I would have...
    If so props to you!! BUT please setup https
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    @needToRoll wasn't me. Don't know who did.
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    Interestingly, the person that tweeted is the one that bought the domain nerdstagram.com and put a 301 to github.com 😂
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    He should run I through cloudflare for free SSL so there isn't any Https fuckups, also he would be able to see how many people actually visit that domain for fun stats
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    You don't need Clouflare for free SSL (or more accuratly TLS) @MeadCoder
    Check out Lets encrypt if your interested...
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    @needToRoll let's encrypt requires a server to place the SSL on, Cloudflare doesn't, so instead of having a server to place the cert on, you save the money and buy some beer instead and use cloudflare for SSL and 301
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    @MeadCoder you are right... I just assumed that a guy who pulls off something like this most likely has a server at hand to place the certificate on.
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    @needToRoll for sure he properly have, but it's waste of resources if your hosting something else at the same time, specially if that gets attention as well, then in my opinion I would put the redundant work load on Cloudflare 🙂
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    @needToRoll @MeadCoder why need an ssl anyways. It's just a forward 🤔.. 😅
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