confused screaming!!

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god
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    I love that it's backwards, too.

    That dev needs to be murdered.
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    So much verbosity to yield a wrong result

    At least he didn't use an if else in the first function/method
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    Let me pay your drink. That lad sure did a big one.
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    Repost. But the still funny.
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    I remember when DevExpress introduced their own implementation of Boolean, so there CAN be a reason - IIRC it included an additonal state of undefined (which was hardly ever neccessary).

    Failing that ... yeah.

    I just did a code review this morning where an old function of mine which did all there was to do in like 10 lines of code got separated into three layers of functions scattered over the class. I guess that's how you do it these days, single responsibility and all, but personally, I'll take "see everything that happens at a glance" over "clean single responsibility structure" any day. Until the code gets considerably longer or is reused/reuseable elsewhere, that is.
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    git commit die --force
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