I'm studying a mix of computer science and engineering. This semester we were tasked with hacking a "smart-production"-production-machine.... And OMFG it's shit!

This is a product by a major company and it's version 4... How the fuck is it this bad?
Like, using the same 5-letter password on all the PLC's FOR THE ROOT USER!!! WTF!!! AND open, unencrypted Telnet.....
This is a million dollar machine and, as soon as a hacker is on the same network it is done for! wtf.... I just can't believe how easy it was to get in and reek havoc.

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    Wait... You were told to crack this machine, and it was easy... And you think this wasn't by design?
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    @Zaphod65 My university bought it so that different students could work on it. We were tasked with improving the security and it was the most holed bucket, barely any bucket left... It's a beta product
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    Welcome to the realm of product security, although my line of work consists of cyber security.
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    @Deco This kinda is cyber security, as the product is supposed to access the server hosting the website, where customers order stuff. The only security on that is what the university has in place...
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    @Folkmann Haha, typical these days. Security comes second, and then those who put security second will pay the price for making such as a false calculation.
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    @Folkmann and @Zaphod65 are instances of the same class ..
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