cancer is a bitch

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    Sorry for your loss man.
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    Sorry to hear that...
    May your cat REST in /peace :(
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    Didnt know cats got cancer.So sorry man :(
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    @sleek every multi-cellular organism can get it
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    @kleopi I feel you, my childhood dog was full of tumors before my parents decided to euthanize her. I can still remember how empty and lifeless the house felt when I was the first to come home and wasn't being greeted by her

    I honestly miss her so much, I wish she could've stayed with us a little longer :'(
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    Sad loss feel for you man.
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    I parsed this as some version the cat terminal command. I was like wait you should have to pipe that.
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    Sorry to hear :(
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    I'll pet my cat an extra time today in honour of yours.
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    pet grief is tough.
    i remember mine when I was young.
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