Even this Google Survey knows the pecking order for voice assistants 🤣 Cortona gets a dedicated line while Bixby gets the "Other" line.

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    I'll never understand people who willingly give away their time and infk to fill out these useless surveys in exchange for pennies.
    If you need money that badly, get any job whatsoever and you'll still make more.
    And if you have a job already, wtf are you doing thay survey for?
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    @endor Those "pennies" add up quick. I am coming up on $100 earned in total. I haven't had any questions be super creepy or invasive. It's usually pretty generic questions about Google products or services.

    In any case, I'll take some free money any day.

    And yes I have a full time big boy job 😉 Thank you for your concern though.
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    It's a shame, Bixby isn't half bad.

    Though I wonder, do we really need a million half-assed assistants instead of collaborating to create one really good one?
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    @VaderNT very true. It just turning into another catchy buzzword.

    What we really need is an assistant that's powered by block chain, quantum computing, and it needs to be decentralized
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    @bhouston and how many hours did it take you to get that much?

    I can get 10-20€/h by tutoring high-schoolers, so in 9 hours tops (don't forget the exchange rate) I'd reach that amount of money. And it wouldn't be that much of an effort either tbh.

    So I still don't get it. But if anyone has a good explanation that doesn't involve unnecessary downvoting, I'm all ears
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    Kinda off track of the original rant and I still don't understand your aversion to money in this case (even "just pennies") but I'll humor you.

    In total I've done about 300 surveys. I've also mentioned that I've received about $100 in total (again rounding to make things a tiny bit easier). This means that, on average, I've gotten about 30 cents per survey.

    To approximate again, let's say that I've spent about a minute on each of the 300 surveys. This is a very high approximate because they usually take seconds. This would mean that I would have spent about 5 hours in total doing these surveys.

    $100 / 5 = $20 per hour

    This would put me right on track with you in terms of total time spent to earn the money. Is it a main source of income? Hell no. If we were to ask who could earn that faster using my surveys are your tutoring you would obviously be able to earn it faster. You could probably book some tutoring sessions faster than I would get available surveys to take. At best I am presented with about 1 or 2 surveys a day. That wasn't the point though.

    The question I believe you were posing was the effort to get the money. For me spending a few seconds a day answering a quick survey is pretty low effort. If tutoring works for you, awesome! Rock that side hustle and make some cash dude!

    In my eyes it's no different than saving the change you bring home from the store and putting it in jar. Doing these surveys covers all of my app/in-app purchases including my subscription to devRant and several other apps that I use on a daily basis. Could I pay for them with my own income? Sure and I will should the need arise without a second thought. But if Google wants to foot the bill, who wouldn't take a "free" devRant sub for example? It's seconds for me and I get to support devRant and enjoy a sick dark theme.
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    @bhouston interesting. I never bothered with these surveys, but I've watched some friends do them every now and then, and tried to keep a mental note about how long it was taking them and what they were getting out of it. Sometimes they were as quick as 10s like you said, other times they'd take a little longer (like 20-30s, sometimes more) - in which case the $/h value starts dropping a bunch, but it's still not terrible for a few seconds per day I guess.

    I guess, if you don't mind google and all that, it actually makes sense to get that extra 'tip money' to spend on a few apps and such.

    Idk, maybe it's because I thought it would be more comparable with some of those 'sweepstakes' contests/giveaways you typically see online. I once did the math, and the equivalent earning of one contest was ~0.01$/h, and required multiple minutes and interactions.
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