Voice commands are the future!!!! .... God I hope not... Why do people like this obviously inferior interface?

A real conversation with Google assistant while driving, I got a text:

"Read text"
"Read text message"
*You have one text message from Dave. Would you like to hear it?*
"... Yes!"
* Hey what's up?*
"Reply to text"
*I don't understand*
"Text Dave!!!!"
"Message James using SMS. What's the message?"

GAH!!!!!!!! fuck you Google assistant! This is literally the only thing I use you for, so stop being so fucking bad at it!!!!

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    Must have dookie enunciation skills or a thick accent

    My accent gets in the way occasionally
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    @Stuxnet I'll admit that my enunciation isn't great. But the no responses are inexcusable. If you look at the command log it understood what I said. So just not saying anything, not even "I can't do that right now" or SOMETHING is just infuriating.
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    I am not a fan of it. I have a Google home mini and it's off.
    Google even gifts them now and I could get a second one, but I don't rly want it. Especially because the support for the Germans is quite bad, the fact you could only set a timer with a multiple of 5 killed it for me.
    If I tell you to set an alarm for 14:53 don't set it for 14:55 you digital dipshit.
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    @BoomRaccoon literally just set an alarm for 11:23 (23:23) on my home mini lmao
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    @Stuxnet Yeah, I reported that and even the support worker told me he is surprised that's not a feature already. (Don't forget I had German set as a language and the features are delayed.) I think they added that quite fast but I was already too disappointed.
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    Kinda relatable prolly cause I’ve got an Indian accent😂
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    The only things i use it for is:
    - set a reminder for ..
    - set an alarm to ..
    - what's the weather
    - play the news
    - who was ...

    That's good enough for me atm.
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    @bioDan that's understandable.

    I literally only use it to read texts or change the music while I'm driving. And it's completely awful at both.
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    OK Google

    Okay Google



    play my music

    *rotates for 15 mins*

    ... while driving
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    @bioDan Me too. And plus "Tell me some joke" command.
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    @bioDan "turn my lights on"

    "Turn on the roku"
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