I think UPS' Api documentation and service must be the worst documented and build API I have ever seen from a corporate.

1. The developer website is a mess. A total mess. You can barely find the API type you are looking for.

2. When you get the API and download the documentation, the files, .pdf etc is still a mess. Pages long that most are craps.

3. Each request returns Status Code 200. Even if it is an error. This blew my mind.

4. Each request, based on error type or based on tracking activity returns different JSON schema.

For example, the JSON Schema for a shipment in transit is different from JSON schema for a shipment that has been delivered. A shipment that has been returned, a shipment that required signature etc. They are different from each other.

5. And the worst. They do not provide with test tracking codes. I have found some on internet, but they do not work in development and production environment.

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    Is there a posibility they don't want you to use it? Sounds like a lot of dark patterns

    Or just plain neglect/incompetence :/
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    @alexbrooklyn If they wouldn't want anyone to use it they should have built it. Or just they build one version and they changed their minds. And they left it without refactoring it.

    But I don't think so. You can generate API Key, make request for key to be used in production etc.
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    I have just began my journey this morning into the UPS api and my first thought was, "wow this documentation is trash." I see you mentioned JSON so this gives me some hope they offer RESTFUL because I have only came across SOAP apis in their documentation thus far.
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    @storealutes It returns JSON but you have to pass XML. Good luck on your journey.
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