Note to self: Never leave a non-dev person mid-way through a Windows installation. They'll find a way to fuck it up and then blame it on you.
//this one restarted his system mid-installation coz it was 'taking too long'.
Why is common sense in such scarcity?

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    I sure wouldn't have called it 'common' sense if I had the chance.
    Reading instructions on the screen is another mystery many people have yet to solve.
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    Windows should change their message from 'Please do not turn off your computer' to 'Dare you touch the system while this is happening, we'll fuck you up really really bad!'

    Probably then some people would do what it says.
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    off course, but when you ask them to restart, so the error goes away, naah, i can not, i have work to do
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    @praveenpuglia Then mountains of calls because people think they've been hacked
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