Using grafana together with tinc+promotheus, has been a blast.

Initially I wanted to get into ELK with Kibana and all that, but that required 8G of ram, the instructions to get it running in the open source "mode" was nearly non-existent, together with all the ready docker compose stacks out there simply not working or the images being broken.

I'm sure I could've managed around most of those issues, but the fact it is as hungry as gitlab, made it a literal no-go for the usual server resources my clients host or my own scaled down server recently.

Thankfully I remembered that there's grafana and me having experimented some time ago with tinc, so I can have very lightweight beat'esque prometheus agents deployed listening on tinc local net only, with the typical nginx auth and some whitelists to all of the servers I host and all those of my clients.

The dashboard creation was especially great in grafana (tbf promotheus does actually most of it), literally what I always wanted out of those "complicated" solutions, that do it all, but have no proper query language, complex documentation, heavy collectors with no properly named data points, expensive resource runtimes, ..

with grafana I can just easily put dashboards into folders, create users to look only at certain stats or even dashboards (opened up some interesting contracts actually, because now I can also offer proper monitoring for all things delivered), easily drag and drop around stuff to fit more information (most others fix you to a small 3x2 grid, a too big grid for a TV or simply non resizable tiles, making that one counter take up an entire row) and resize to my hearts desire

tinc of course allows me to easily create private networks that are resistant to failure across any region and the routing is done for me, so I don't have to run around it all that much either

P.S: a damn tiny fly went into one of my now 4 monitors and died right in the middle, because I thought it's just some dirt and I pressed it in while trying to wipe it off, so that monitor now serves as the top most on a vesa mount

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    Okay, but how do I get rid of this raging erection I got from reading this?

    I've used grafana with influxdb, never tried prometheus. I guess there goes my weekend.
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    @bittersweet I'm still trying to beat it off, but it keeps on being rockhard, guess just a side effect of grafana and prometheus haha

    btw if you just want to experiment with it, without having to fuck with own servers and configs:

    - https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/...

    - https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/...

    DO gives you like 50 bucks for a month of testing too usually, if you're into testing cross region with tinc then:


    edit: you'd also want node_exporter, but the DO image has it already I believe, since I didn't have to do it, unless I deployed via docker
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    @JoshBent Haha thanks but I hate configuring a VPS.

    When I want to test something (or feel like playing minecraft) I usually just make a high prio ticket for devops at work, who then sets it up in kubernetes on Google Cloud for me.

    I might have grown a bit complacent with this luxury though... haven't used SSH in about a year. My servants do that for me 😁
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    @bittersweet oh well haha, that works (amazingly) too, though with DO that'd be literally clicking the preimaged server, wait for them all to provision and just connect to the IPs on the default ports, since it'd be just for testing that's literally all you need I believe, not really secure and doesn't use internal DO private networks or tinc configured private net, but it gets the job done to just fuck around with grafana and prometheus :)
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