Sometimes i wonder how many people from here work in the same company, talk every day, and don't have a clue about it...
I mean... last person here you told to suck di** here can be your boss actually...

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    For sure my boss isn’t here. He can’t read and write.
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    Would you tell someone you use devrant? Or is it a secret for everybody? 🤔
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    I had a dream where my manager was using DevRant and saw his username on the screen but I can't remember it, I will always wonder if that username exists.
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    @alexbrooklyn not a secret but i don't talk about devRant so often, so i think most of us don't go around and talk about devRant... so who knows... how can you tell i'm not your long lost cousin that you haven't heard from for 10 years...
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    The first rule of devrant is that you don't talk about devrant
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    @akamaru Stop wondering. You can go on More and then Search and search for the username.
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