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To start of I'm a student in the Netherlands, I have just finished finished a support management study and I'm currently starting with a IT Management study on MBO 4 lvl.

At the moment I'm in conflict scout doing the IT Management study or doing a application development study as I just don't know what to do. I kind of want do development as I do it in my free time and I like it but I also want to do data center engineering as I also like to work with the hardware.

Should I take a month break of my study and try to get in contact with company's to work there to finalize my decision or should I just drop in the towel and do this study without knowing if I'm going to like it in the end.

And if you work at a company in the Netherlands do you think i can do some orientation internship at your company or do you guys know some places to look at.
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    I do believe that if you should choose developer career you would know it fit sure. Choose management then.
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    @lig1 i do alot of php development in my free time and I want to learn more new things
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    Hmm. It sounds like you would work for an MSP (managed solutions provider). You'll learn a lot, be able to deal with hardware and still have to write and maintain code to make your job easier by deploying systems via languages like PowerShell, Ansible, Chef or Puppet.

    If you can already write code then you're in a great position already.
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    @drRoss at this moment we are going to learn how to use PowerShell. And I know a lot of PHP and I know my way with bash
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    @inpothet Bear in mind that in this world of cloud servers and services, the days of actually going to a data centre and ranking servers and switches are fading.
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    @drRoss true true but datacenters stay alive as we need them to store all the server for everything even who you don't need dedicated server anymore usually
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