I gotta write a quick mailing solution for an email discussion list, given a budget, so i'm like, ok, cool, let me check out sendgrid api, etc, whatever, right?

Wrong! 10000 members, with an email volume of about 100 messages per member, per day, meaning you're sending at least 100*1000 msgs/day ... or 3 million messages a month!

With most services you're looking at like $2,000 right there. My budget was $100.

So.... wtf. How would you use an api to host a discussion list... seems impractical?

I see no discussion about it, no service addresses it, nothing.

Email discussion list. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Why not use mlmmj instead?

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    100 messages a day per user? What the fuck? Who the fuck uses email for such long conversations? Why? I don't...
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    its actually a group of marketers who share marketing related information and ads, so people on the list are ok with the volume as it is the best way for them to see who's selling what and how.

    and they try to sell/barter with each other, etc.
    its been around since 2002
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    2.5k is the price tag for the volume

    unreal... in 2002 we did it free
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    for anyone who cares

    sendy.co was the answer
    built on top of amazon
    $1 / 10k sends
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