CSS debug 😂😂😂

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    Cyan and Mediumvioletred for meee
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    I use very often color or background-color 😂
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    As if you can't debug CSS through the console...
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    @Root +1 for cyan.
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    Or just "Select Element" from the devtools
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    @12bitfloat ... or just Ctrl+Shift+C while DevTools is open.
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    Adding a 1px border makes the element 2px wider and taller. This "debugging" may actually screw you instead of help you. Background color is better.
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    Using outline or just the browser's built in debugging tools is imo the best option.
    Border could fuck up your styles if you use box-sizing: content-box
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    Before chrome devtools, this was the way.

    Now, we have this bad boy!
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    @Root green, red, black, cyan and blue got me
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    @Farshad background: red and background: rgb(0,255,0)... then of course rgb(0,0,255), rgb(255,255,0) rgb(255,0,255) and rgb(0,255,255) are my favorite debugging and layout mock-up colors :D
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