"The password must be 6 to 32 characters long and must contain atleast one uppercase character, one lowercase character, a special character, the md5 hash of your last name, a dried olive branch and the blood of a unicorn."

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    And even after all this...

    Error: The entered password must require a number
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    @ramk Dayum, missed that 😂
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    I hate that arbitrary limit of 32 characters. Some of us are using password managers and would like to make passwords as long as we damn well please!
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    @kerrermanisNL it could be because whatever password hash they're using has a higher conflict rate with that length of password. But you're right, still a pain.
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    a keylogger doesn't worry about how many strange caracteres have your password... :]
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    And also hair of a lion. Dried after dipping in urine of bats.
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