So I went to the store earlier today and an autistic young lad gave me one of the best pieces of advice anyone has EVER given me.

“Don’t let the haters stare into your eyes 👀”.

It took me a few hours for it to sink in and I now understood what he meant.

I feel better, enlightened, much more in control since I heard that young lad tell me those wise words of wisdom.

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    "Dude! How was he able to use that eyes emoji in real life?!"
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    In that cases i try to imagine how he looks like if the thing/group he hates the most kicks the most vulnerable section of its body.
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    F Y E Only, not lonely!. =)
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    @jennytengsonM it’s so common now that I just accept the fact that I might just be slightly autistic myself (probably mild and also undiagnosed ADD/ADHD).

    My mother, 2nd oldest brother, and youngest brother all have autism on the mild to moderate end but they are just as smart as people who don’t have autism. Their emotions is what drives their autism as with many other people with it. Very much understood, easily frustrated, and sometimes act on impulse regardless of the consequences. Let’s not forget about social cues too so I completely understand their condition and are very patient with them. I love ALL people regardless of condition, race, nationality, etc ❤️
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