Scott Meyers.
He's just amazing. The way he thinks, he teaches, is absolutely wonderful. He's inspired me on many occasions.

Herb Sutter.
Absolute beast of a programmer. His guru of the week series is a simple but effective way to communicate concepts and techniques in a language.

There are a lot more - Scott Hanselman, Martin Fowler, Andrew Koenig, Andrei Alexandrescu, Barabara Moo and many more.
They remind me of why I chose programming. It wasn't for money or fame, just to solve puzzles in cool ways. It's the way you can take a simple concept and apply it to great effect that brings me joy and these people do it relentlessly.

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    I'd recommend a talk by Scott Meyers called 'Things that matter' to anyone who's working with developing software. It's entertaining and presents a good list of things that should be kept in mind while creating software/interfaces. I find it inspiring and I find myself watching it again and again (more so when I'm down in the corporate bullshit dumps).
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    Fuck yes, fuck yeah to all of this. Great great great selection my man.

    Herb Sutter is a favorite of mine,as in top 3 :D
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    @AleCx04 absolutely! He's been relentless in making C++ a language that is preferred by professionals as well as beginners. It's so much fun to watch his conference videos.
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    @dr-ant I quoted Scott from that talk when he said: "Consistency is the basis for abstraction"

    I find it resonates and fits like a mouse and keyboard with the work I'm doing on building ontologies in knowledge graphs
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