These "learn {language} in {x} minutes" tutorials are getting out of hand

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    That's not how this works, that not how any of this works.

    No wonder the newby bar keeps going down.
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    @C0D4 I wonder why this only happens with programming.
    You don't see "learn brain surgery while doing the dishes" or "nuclear engineering in 37 seconds" tutorials
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    In just 20 hours, you too will have 20 years of experience
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    @Override the main problem is in the dichotomy between how and why.
    With mostly all new languages you can code only knowing how.
    Let's be clear if you dashboards and forms... It's not technically difficult.

    The problem is, they never get to the why. And the why it's the most complex and important part.
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    It also depends on experience. If you are a seasoned dev then yeah, maybe you can "learn" a new language in a few hours. But even then you won't know anything about the ecosystem, best practices, etc. So it's especially bad that these sort of "tutorials" (in big quotation marks) are directed at newbies that have *no* programming experience in any language. Most people can't figure out how to assemble a table in a few hours, how the hell should they be able to learn a completely no system of thinking, syntax and semantic in that time
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    ehm, did you watch the video?

    it's about what all languages have in common, not about learning them.

    so the title makes sense
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    This is why we have data breaches and shit.

    Don’t anyone dare say it, DON’T.
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    It is now almost 6 years of me programming and I feel like I know less and less every day because you just can't keep up with the amount of new stuff.
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    🤦‍♂️ doesn't even say the word "learn". You are so eager to be a gatekeeper
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    @Override The nuclear engineering one was really interesting! It helped my to get my last job! Unfortunately it was taken down after the accident.
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    @tkdmatze @missingmarshall
    Of course nobody would try to teach every programming language in 15 minutes - THAT'S THE POINT OF THE JOKE
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    @Override haha. Well the fact that those 'learn language in X minutes' exist is a very good thing for the industry.

    Everyone who sees it could feels they have the chance and time to learn, and those intro videos spark that interest
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    @missingmarshall the fact that they spark interest is great. I for one think there are too few people in the software industry.

    However I get mad when these tutorials pretend that learning to program is a matter of a couple of hours of tutorials. In my opinion that leads to poor quality software and lower salaries across the industry.
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    Did they mean "any"? Would you want to learn programming from poeple who don't get the quantifiers right?
    (oh well maybe it's only the marketing)
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    When is was 18 yrs old, I had 20 years of experience
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    It's just a brief overview of what these languages have in common.
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    This is the greatest one I've seen yet!
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    LeArN aLl LaNgUaGeS iN 10 sEcOnDs AnD cUrE cAnCeR aT tHe SaMe TiMe
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    I always search for playlists or at least 2 hours of a single video
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    I get where you're coming from, but isn't that just giving an overview of languages?
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