I have a server. I want to filter connections to that server so only people on my work network can access the server. A quick search yielded my public IP address.

"Is this static?" I asked IT. "Do we have static IP address?"

"What do you mean? What do you need that for? You better know EXACTLY what you are doing before we release that information to you!!!! This needs to go to my manager. My manager is demanding to know why you want that information - we are having Network Engineering look into this request, someone will be in touch to find out more."

I have now been waiting for 3 hours. I think I will just go ahead and assume my IP is not going to change...

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    Do u work in hell?
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    Damn.... I was working with another company on site and I had to have their IT guy set up my computer to connect to their network printers... At my company we are allowed to pretty much do whatever (we're small but growing so it's been changing since I've been there)... I stood and watched as he installed the drivers but it occurred to me that wasn't typical there, he expected me to just leave everything to him and walk away... IT can be such boneheads when dealing with devs
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    If you only want people on your work network to access it, why do you need to know the public address?

    That guy is right to question you.
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