Thanks wannacry to make people aware about infosec....

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    Spoke to the CTO of our regional power company this Monday, and he said "oh but we have McAfee installed on all the Vista laptops, and we keep it up to date!"

    Uh, ok.

    Teaching people security is hard, really hard. There are even a lot of technically minded people who are against fast updating/upgrading because of "stability" — even when the newer versions are proven to provide better safety.
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    @bittersweet unless you literally have John McAfee installed on all your computers that ain't doing you much good xD
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    This is basically why software people have to run their own businesses and even that isn't enough because most devs don't know enough about security.

    So glad things are changing if slowly.
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    I took an infosec course simply to understand the topic for personal use, and of course to laugh at people who don't take computer security seriously
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    What about keyloggers in Hp, Dell, Lenovo drivers... @CorruptComputer
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