So, finally decided to write my first rant.
I finished today a function that takes the generated week calendar of a WordPress plugin and gives the user a nice print layout.
Problem: The plugin doesn't use the database for it's calendar, only for the events in the calendar. I had to write really unefficent code in jQuery(ajax) and PHP and additionally create a new table. Finally completed the code for printing out a selected day, the current week and a timespan that can be defined, every exception and input is now handled correctly .
Such a great feeling to be finally done with this 4000 rows code.
I hope that I will never again have to create a workaround for such a not-developer-friendly plugin.
Why do clients always want to use such plugins?!

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    wordpress in general for something more than a basic site is a bad decision :( idk why clients insist on it

    welcome to devRant!
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    @orijin Thanks, we normally use our own laravel cms.
    Discovered devrant a few days ago, such an amazing place.
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    Currently "finishing?" A site for a client on a WordPress site. The scope changed so many times during the build and PM and Owners just kept agreeing to changes. We are now well past what should have been built on a WordPress base, and no one seems to care.

    I've told everyone that they are not allowed to update anything in this install without consulting me because I've had to hack the hell out of every single plugin.

    One day this client will leave us, find another company to do their stuff and they will end up updating things. I wish I could be there to see those faces.
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    @sylar182 I know this situation. I always hate myself for writing these hacks. Why do clients always insist on WordPress?! I already can see it, one day my boss will come and let me extend a Joomla site *puke*.
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