Yesterday my my mother had problems with Office365 and called a servicedesk. They said her computer was slow and that an SD could improve the speed. My mother said that there already was an SSD in there to which he replied yes but that is for RAM, to make opening things faster you need an SD like in your phone...

Where is the world going?

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    No worries, humans should become extinct soon enough. Just wait a few more decades and all will be well.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Reminds me of a time my friend called ISP because net broke and they told him Windows 7 doesn't support internet 🤣
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    sometimes service desk brains need an sd
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    @myss hmm really? but XP did, I guess they removed the feature because of all the virusses on the interwebs.
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    Around 1998 a friend had issues with a USB connected webcam, brand new technology at that time. Support couldn't help him and suggested to wipe and reinstall Windows.

    So, things haven't changed much. Obvioulsy.
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    one day a lady asked my friend to check her phone it was lagging... He suggested she should free some memory . She said "i should dislike some facebook posts and delete my comments over there it will free some memory".
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    @manishxt4 jesus fucking christ
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    @manishxt4 well thats just a random person. Not someone who offers technical support. Cant blame users for being unknowing. You can blame support member for being idiots.
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    @manishxt4 Oh dear 🤣🤣🤣
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    Did the servicedesk employee sound indian by any chance?
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    @Hazarth nope dutch
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    Complain to the helpdesk about this. srsly - microsoft helpdesk actually solved a problem for my wife.
    Ask to escalate to 2nd tier.
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    @magicMirror it was ISP service and the problem wasnt the hardware. It was just a bit slow, they noticed it and gave a suggestion. Nothing to complain about it was an extra service from that guy, all be it a humorous one
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    @Codex404 that is just weirder. Like the problem my wife faced. It was a very specific use case for a little used latex derivative, which did not work correctly in word, but did work in powerpoint.
    After hours and hours of support calls, and 4 differnt escalations they did find the problem, and fixed. It was the localization of Windows...
    They never gave up, and called her every week to try things, again and again.
    You just need to be persistence and very specific - Like SO...
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    @magicMirror again the slowness had nothing to do with the issue she called for (unlike your wife)
    The issue was on their server. Nothing had to be changed at her laptop side
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