How are your companies doing on writing docs? Is it mandatory/optional? Would you say reading a doc by other team in your company would be enough to understand what their module is doing? Do you write docs per module/file/function? Also please mention main programming language if it's not a secret..

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    At the moment its not allowed. We are struggling to get out the weekly deadlines on time as is. And these deadlines are real deadlines, the company will indeed die if we dont succeed.
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    Most of the code at my work has zero comments and is not documented. I have started adding testing, comments, and limited number of docs. Some event style documentation is going on in our ticket system, but not a whole lot.

    Cannot fault them, they have been around 20 years.
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    Writing docs is not mandatory, but always recommended. And no, reading the docs is NOT enough to get someone new started. We write it per component, not module/file/function

    And I don't think programming languages are a secret at all. It will mostly be one or more of the top 15 popular languages in the industry
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    Who has time to write docs? (As nice as it would be)
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    If we inplement a new feature in the main app we make an introduction with example and any decided implementation standard.

    We use an auto component doc generated for our react components.

    We comment when code is off standard or if its a hack around.

    We peer review and code review every push by 1 dev and 1 lead dev.

    Nothing that is vague or of standard goes through.

    Its magical:)
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    For us, as a consultantcy, doing docs seems to be really difficult for us. If you get put onto a client project there might be multiple documents in multiple different places but you have no idea how much there exactly is.
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