WOO!!! Taking cord cutting to the extreme!!

The dual channel TV tuner arrived, took it out for a test drive by setting up a few scheduled recordings.

Quality isn't as good as 4K TV and it takes a lot of space as it doesn't use a compressed format... But no more Prime, commercials, and now can watch at 2x speed! Plus that's what the 1TB HD is for...

Though now my worries about drive failure are coming back...

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    What year is it? Last time I set something to scheduled record it was on tape.

    Why not just download anything you want, have a cheap raid/unraid build for movies/tvshows/.. with plex and for live TV point a literal 5 bucks android stick at any of the bazillion streams.
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    @JoshBent tv shows, also need subtitles. The online ones don't have subtitles...
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    @billgates horseshit, tvshows you download _have_ subtitles and even streamed tvshows have most of the time, just need to add "subtitles" to the query lol
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    @JoshBent why go for illegal and all that extra work finding a video that works.... days or weeks after it's broadcasted... when I can just record legally for free as it is broadcasted?

    U know OTA broadcasts for are now digital these days right? U just need a good antenna to pick it up.
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    @billgates haha I guess, though recording TV shows isn't legal either I'm sure in one light or another.

    btw for same day there's stuff like sickbeard / sonarr too
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    @JoshBent no it's legal. Even YouTube TV has a DVR feature and cable companies offer it if you pay then a bit more.

    Sharing it and playing it back in public is not legal unless you get written permission.
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    @JoshBent https://smarthomebeginner.com/couch...

    Uh... this is like buying pirate cable? UseNet...

    $10 a month, $99 a year... My tuner was $60, and yes I just bought a more powerful antenna for another $30 (and if it's no good I can return for free). I make back my investment in a year while your stuck paying forever.
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    @billgates paying for piracy got to be the most horseshit move you can do, but that's just my two cents
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    @billgates I downloaded the entire Silicon Valley series and somewhere halfway through started downloading them with subtitles.

    Sooo they have subtitles if you're looking in the right place 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @Stuxnet did it also have Chinese subtitles too? But yes popular shows are fine.... But holy doubt I will find regular OTA shows
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    @billgates why would you need chinese subtitles? and does your stick get chinese subtitles?.. not to mention that you can get any language subtitles separate from the download itself, even automatic with schedule, as long as they are in the same folder, plex / any other player will pick it up as an option.
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    @JoshBent because he said it suddenly appeared, if you get it from a Chinese source, it would have both English and Chinese. Anyway shouldn't talk about this stuff here. Prolly should delete this post.
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    @billgates Nobody here condones piracy 🙂 this is all educational discussion on what those pirates do, never did anything alike myself.

    It is very rare that there's Chinese hardsubs, English subs almost always provided too, especially for non niche TV shows.

    You have a theoretical solution that works to be honest, so whatever floats your boat 🛥️
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    Though you could still use freenas/unraid/.. to save your fictional files.

    Unraid (lifetime license of 60 bucks) being fake raid, which has its advantages, for example if a drive dies and you have parity, it can be restored, if two drive dies you'd need two parity drives, but it's not 'real' raid by definition, has much more cool stuff to pack, like virtual machines, community apps, docker container support and more.

    Freenas (free iirc) is the more focused solution on NAS/Raid, but usually stripes across all drives, so you might run into an issue where a drive died so all data is gone depending on what raid array you'd do.
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