We heard you like security so we put antivirals in your docker containers despite the fact that we made you have antivirals on your machines running the docker containers.
And we won't allow to use root just in case you want to disable the av. And we don't care you need it for the docker 😂

This is how I was played when wanted to use docker containers to avoid dealing with OPS.

Some time passes, my team is going to have independent cloud infrastructure.
Doing corporate politics is challenging...

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    Antivirus in a docker container? The fuck?
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    @irene operations. If you have "devops" and remove developers, you have ops :)
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    @irene it's complicated. My team managed to get own servers, but with no root. Getting a new server takes like a week, despite the fact its a cloud. I can configure tomcats anyway I like, set jenkins, do deployment to tomcat, but can't restore backup on my own. Can't resize the server nor diskspace (in a broad sense of this word). Not to mention asking for any port opening.
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    What. The. Hell.
    Any chance to switch the provider? Or is it your companies own hosting "cloud" "solution"?
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    @sbiewald it's not problem with "provider" but rather with traditional approach to IT and low adoption of "devops" approach. Someone thought it would be cool to have "devops" as a department not as competency :)
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