Is there anyone who actually likes using Angular?

I decided to learn it (im backend only for many years) to be less clueless in the frontend world.. and so far i find it horrible.
Is it just a "culture shock" or do frontent angular devs also find it.. not so fun to use?

What i dont like so far is the inconsistency of syntax.. i feel like similar things done differently and not following rules that can be learned, i can't remember/guess anything, everything needs to be googled

i.e- `*ngIf` vs `[ngSwitch]`

Not to mention 3 different syntaxes to simply bind a property..

I tried vueJs about 3 years ago and it was so fun and EASY

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    ... no

    Typescript is not fun for js newcomers, use vue
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    @devTea luckily i dont do frontend.. but since angular is the top used framework (with react) i expected it to actually be good.. now im just wondering do most angular devs hate it as well? Or you get used to it..

    Just wondering...
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    @devTea its probably not typescript, typescript is a superset of js so you can use plain js.

    But angular has made so much changes between versions that examples and tutorials can be out dated and sometimes old syntax is kept when new is introduced.

    I also looked at angular, vue and react and think both vue and react is easier, no matter if you use pure js or typescript.
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    I used Angular 6 and 8. Sometimes wierd bugs happens which has easy solution if you are experienced. But to be honest, I struggled with module system (imports, declarations etc). I think it increases productivity (compared to plain html).
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    To answer your question at the very top: I doubt it
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    @kescherRant Yeah, I once heard that there was this one guy, but I'm fairly certain it's just a myth.
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    If it's just a simple project, I'd rather use react, but with the smarthome system I'm trying to make now, I love working with angular.

    And for that example you gave, they do actually provide different functionality, other than just binding something.

    It's one of those things that can take some time, like a few months, to get into, but once you've figured it out, it's actually a really well put together framework
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    @vortex ordering from the most popular on my area industry is: vue > react > angular
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    @devTea I second that
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    Used Angular 1, when they introduced Angular 2 and changed most of the design and syntax i said fuck it. Vue and React are much easier imho.
    Today i do mostly React for the front-end.
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    @devTea tell me where you live so I can move there!

    @vortex Most of the people who've used angular don't like it lmao https://2018.stateofjs.com/front-en...
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    Having worked primarily in Angular for 2 years now, coming from no front end framework, I can relate to saying its shit.

    I've played very briefly with react and watched some videos on Vue but it's been hard for me to justify learning them when there are so many more important things for me to learn, in my particular situation.

    With that said here is my experience of angular compressed

    1. Oh really
    2. That's amazing
    3. Oh ok...
    4. Fuck this shit. Why make it so complicated, surely no one cba.
    5. This is a hopeless framework
    6. Actually it's quite good now I get it
    7. Love it

    If you're new, I'd say it would be hard to justify learning it when there are faster alternatives to pick up, and there is always something important to learn. If it's for the long haul then yeah learn it since it's a proper almost platform framework, whereas react is not.

    P. S. I still think the whole unit testing ecosystem is dog shit.
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    I learned Angular7 for a class at my University, definitely not my favorite js framework but it does have its pros. I love doing little projects with it because im better at typescript than js
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    @DeepHotel you can use typescript with react, I don’t know if the vue tooling handles typescript but someone probably has a solution.
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    I enjoy doing Angular. Fantastic CLI tools. Good reliable predictable architecture. Lots of things out of the box. RxJs is so cool and nicely integrated. Vue is more flexible, I also enjoy it. React I don't understand: Vue is more agile and Elm implements React ideas better.
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    @M1sf3t es6, if you understand vanilla DOM with JS, it’s a plus imho

    @inaba indonesia

    @Voxera vue also support typescript
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    @devTea good to know, I assumed it would but was unsure about their template format :)
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    @M1sf3t yeah these js framework is more like creating virtual DOM instead of manipulating the DOM directly
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    @M1sf3t how important it is only matters once you go back to vanilla js on legacy code and try recreating the same stuff after using js libraries
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    Actually in a process of making a presentation for by dev team about FE frameworks. I've written the same word game in vanilla js, jQuery, vue, react and angular and my thoughts along the way on how each one felt, the learning curve, performance etc. In my opinion Angular and Vue are really similar and I had absolutely no problem rewriting the game in any of them. Saying that though Vue is definitely more welcoming to people starting to work with front-end frameworks and will always be my favourite. During my research I found that each framework has it's pros and cons and it mainly depends on the kind of work you will be doing. There is something for everyone, what a time to be alive.
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    I don’t mind it but I think it is Stockholm syndrome sometimes.

    It does come with some nice things like the ability to lazy load parts of the application. If a user isn’t an admin why send them all of the admin components in the JS blob.

    HTTP interceptors are neat too. You can modify outgoing http for every request.

    The way routing is done can make larger apps more orderly and ensures that all routes have guards.
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