Sometimes when people ask what I do for I living I say: talks to machines.
Thats what we do, we know the langauage to tell the machines what to do, how cool isnt that??

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    @NoNameCode ofcourse there are levels of the definition but still, I tell it to blink, it blinks.
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    Well, if you're so inclined to talk DIRECTLY, you can get a very tiny magnet and flip some bits around? //TODO: put relevant xkcd here
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    I don't know how to code in binary. Please teach me the language of computers!
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    Yes how cool isn't that
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    You could think about it as a programing language as talking to someone in a language other than their native language
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    @KyleSoBold of course you use a interface. Or do you talk to a human by sending signals direct on their nervesystem? Follow the cable from a keyboard what do you find? tada a machine! ;)
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    It's going up on my CV: machine whisperer
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    @Gauthier I have Appstronaut on mine :)
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