Going to sound sarcastic but for once I'm not...

It's hard to really appreciate how set and forget Linux distro's actually are, I have no internet at the moment and have to use a USB wi-fi dongle, windows rerquires I install a driver yet and so does a USB-C cable (Don't ask why a fucking cable needs a driver to transmit power but hey), I connect both up to my Linux install (Elementary OS) and boom, straight out the box they both work perfectly .-.

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    @M1sf3t that sounds familiar 😛
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    Not taking into account that very old hardware works out of the box on Linux as well!
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    on the other hand, my old laptop's wifi module didn't have drivers for linux, so I had to use an external one.
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    I assume not win10? win10 has a crapload of those preloaded and worked ootb for me before.
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    @JoshBent nope, it's win10
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