So I just came across this and its really cool. I dropping the link for anyone curious, but its basically a digital FREE "magazine" that revolves around (and I'll quote from the site) "programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics." the issues come out in PDF's and its really fucking awesome. I thought some of you would enjoy this so if youre interested check it out.


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    Not gonna lie, it kinda seems like you're either involved in the company putting it out or getting paid by em
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    @torpkev that thought also crossed my mind as I was writing the rant, but no I’m not, I just saw someone on twitter share it and I thought it deserved sharing.

    I don’t consider myself experienced enough or “worthy” to even contribute to projects like these. Mostly I just work on my own stuff and I’m too busy learning stuff to contribute to bigger projects.

    Although I can really see why you think that but I assure you I’m not. If I had something to do with it I’d say so.

    Edit: and no one pays me for anything I just get really excited and like to share my findings
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    Too bad the newsletter only works via google, so I can't even have it send to the email I actually would want to have it.
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    @kescherRant I’m hoping that they just tweet whenever each one is out so I know. Or else I’ll prob be in the dark which I’d rather not be.
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    I see that Gynvael Coldwind is involved, for me this is very good recommendation. Thank you for the share!
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    @mt3o no problem, if you don’t mind me asking, who is that? I’m curious
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    @Bubbles incredibly smart guy, he has broad knowledge, kind of activist in his nature.
    Some time ago he was organizing reverse engineering and security webinars for people on IRC. Completely free and open for the public.
    His blog is a great source of knowledge if you want to start learning more about security and low level stuff.
    His name is sort of guarantee that quality of the material will be high.
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    @mt3o oh shit that sounds like sumn Id be interested in
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    Nice 80's style cover.
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    In the same ideas for those you don't know about hacker news. Quit nice https://thehackernews.com/
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    The classic phrack is also (almost) still there: http://phrack.com/issues/69/...
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