AI so far....

2012: We can do more than 5 layers whoa
2013: It works on text too!
2014: Let’s build infras with frameworks & cloud compute
2015: AlphaGo! Singularity!
2016: Wait it’s racist & sexist
2017: Deepfakes scary
2018: No idea how it works
2019: Whatevs time to productize $$$
2020: ??

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    Lets use AI to assess statistically whether a criminal will re-offend... Oh shit, statistically some minority groups are more likely to re-offend... Oh shit our AI is racist because it uses those statistics...

    WTF?! Why are we using statistics and AI to determine someone's future life when it is supposed to be about the individual person in each case?! Cause AI is magic?

    This reliance on computing models to determine our lives is scary.
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    Goal should be to keep human bias on check while redefining what a robust model should be like.
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    I have prepared all my bots for Skynet, global Internet domination, cyber warfare, etc.

    I’m getting bored over here.

    What else is trending that isn’t A.I.? 😩
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    @Superviral Erm, well, some machines that we don't expect to have ssh servers actually do and some things are accidentally turing-complete.

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    @LinuxMasochist Serverless and now this? WE’RE ALL DOOOOOOMED! 😫
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