All my work, gone.All my efforts my sleepless nights 😭😭😭

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    how did that happen? 😒
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    @heyheni my little devil of a brother,as revenge for I don't know what
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    wiped clean all my projects and destroyed my flash drives
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    did he delete it deliberately?
    dont you use remote git on a service like bitbucket?

    Get a data recovery tool, if he just deleted it via recycle bin you may can get hold of it.
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    @irene My mother forbade me to do it, unfortunately. I am just sulking here
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    @heyheni @heyheni He did it deliberately, and thanks to what I taught him he made sure it was unrecoverable.
    And I didn't think I would have to use git remotely,never forsaw anything like this on my home projects 😒
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    No source control ?Ooooo

    At home I have SVN (Too much little projects from like 10 years to migrate to git).
    It’s on a separate PC with weekly auto-backups to onedrive.
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    @NoToJavaScript Learned my lesson now, now off to a better start.
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    You don't waste people's time and effort, nor destroy what they have worked hard on.

    I would be getting revenge for years.
    Exceedingly cruel revenge.

    But I don't have siblings, nor any relatives I can even tolerate so I'm probably not the best person to give advice.
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    That sucks man. Sorry to hear. But you’re a completely different programmer now than when you started, so not everything is gone. You may think of it as starting over but you’re going to hit the ground sprinting!
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    Welcome to your new lord and master. Git!

    hard not to laugh, I've wiped drives in the past only to go... OH fuck!!! 🀷‍♂️to late now.

    I was introduced to git and now it controls my world - also, using a second service as a backup mirror isn't unheard off.
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    I’d beat my brothers’ ass with a hard drive if he had ever done that to me 😀
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    gitkraken gui makes handeling git easy
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    Might I suggest putting mono in his smoothie?

    A modified pinhole dns to resolve the first 1-2 (or every 5th) request from his device during mealtimes to pornhub?

    QoL ratelimiting his connection 3kb/s slower every day? Great gaslighting opportunities there.

    Telling his potential love interest(s) / random chicks at school that he still wets the bed, and has anger issues? Rumors and gossip aplenty.

    Or you could be more direct and get some friends to nerd rage and beat him up. Or make it hurt more and change his steam email and password to random info. Don't write it down. He probably values that as much as you valued your work. All gone. Better save up and buy your games again, asshole.

    @Root is cruel when it's deserved.
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    @Root an eye for an eye makes the world blind but these are truly genius
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    Wow this sucks. Main lesson here is to use remote version control. Always have backups off-site.

    But you're a better developer now so you should be able to recreate better versions of this projects. It will take time but you can do it.

    As for your brother. Don't do anything now, slow play your revenge and wait to destroy something he truly cares for. Wait for him to fall in love them screw his girl, or delete a major school/work project right before it's due. And remind him when you do it that it's because of his destruction of your work.
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