We all work on the same room: Devs and testers.
In order to communicate with each other without taking off our earphones, we use the chat app.
Ok, sometimes the chat app has delay sending messages.

I really, really hate when one of the testers comes to my desk without telling me he's coming to my desk! >:v and this is the reason why I hate it so much: I'm concentrate in my code, listening to ASP or SPA and, suddenly, I feel a heavy presence behind my monitors. I look up and I see a very penetrating gaze from the corpulent tester looking at me (he's tall). Every time he does that I almost have a heart attack D:

"There's a bug I want you to check" he says.
And I check my chat app if there's a delayed message from him. Nothing, NOTHING >:v

Always, when I want to go to his desk, I send him a message

"Is it ok if I go to your desk?" and he says me "You don't have to ask for it, just come here" but the thing is that I do that because I expect him to do the same :/

Fortunately this doesn't happen every day, but it pisses me off, and I don't know how to tell him to stop doing that because I don't want to be like a... jerk? intolerant? I don't know

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    Just ask him. It has nothing to do with being a jerk. Explain that you can be in a zone while programming and that every interruption is ruining focus.

    For me when someone is interrupting when Im in the zone it can take up to 30 minutes to get back in and it increases the amount of mistakes I make.

    He probably does not know this and assumes it's fine to do it. If I do something wrong I would like to hear it too.

    Disclaimer: Im dutch and the dutch are known for being direct, which can be interpreted as being rude by some cultures.
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    @Codex404 Not in Germany. Germans are so direct that even Dutchmen are put off. ;-)
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    @Codex404 I'm also direct, but many people think I am rude :c The thing is that one day I said to him not to do something that really was pissing me off and he acted very rude :s And he's a little bit... rude, heavy. It's not so rude to talk with my boss about him, but at the same too rude to stand him sometimes and I don't like to discuss with him because he's a complicated man
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    @Fast-Nop I doubt that. But lets ask the expert of Germand and Dutch culture: @CoffeeNcode
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    @Fast-Nop that's why I liebe Germany :3 you understand people like me XD
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    @ElizadeathRaven "hey [person], I know it can be handy to get feedback directly, but when I'm programming I can be in a flow in which Im super effective. Getting in that flow can take some time. Could you next time ask through chat if its okay to come by? If it's an emergency because something broke in production for example you can come to me directly ofcourse."

    The first few times he asks through chat you can let him come directly so he is "awarded" and if he just comes by tell him you are busy to "punish" him for his bad behaviour.

    People are just like dogs and have to be trained.
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    @Codex404 WTF. When I'm in the zone and someone disturbs me, I'll just make some "eehhh" noise and waive him away without even stopping to look at my monitors.
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    @Fast-Nop as soon as they stand next to me I am out my zone already.
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    @Codex404 @ElizadeathRaven I see you summoned me ;)
    I think you should ask him to send a message first, before coming over. He can't read minds, and sometimes it's hard to get hints.
    Tone and timing are really important though. If possible, ask him if he has a moment, and then calmly and friendlily point out that if you're headphones are on, it means you're in the zone and that you would really appreciate it if he asked first, before coming over. Depending on the person, it might also be good to not ask that with other people present, that would put him in a defensive position. Make sure you're comfortable too though. Thanks for listening to my TED talk, and best of luck!
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    @CoffeeNcode thanks for the TED talk, but @Fast-Nop and I needed you for a german dutch culture difference. Which of the two is more direct?
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    @Codex404 oh, definitely the dutchies.
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    Last time I explained what being in the zone was and how important it is to not be disturbed, my boss just scoffed at it and called it pseudoscience. 😒

    More pewdiepie videos to watch for me then.
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    @monzrmango well its nice of your boss of allowing you to work inefficient and thus not make deadlines.
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    @monzrmango I'd remind such a boss that the very reason why he hired me is that he trusts me to know that tech stuff better than him.
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    @CoffeeNcode look at some of the comments on a typical r/ich_iel top post ;)

    Oh just noticed that they banned this "meme"
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    Tell him to fuck the off or else you’ll crash his PC xD
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    Ask him to learn this graph by heart
    (especially the upper-right part) and tell him there is a reason for using the chat.

    Our concentration is gold.
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    @bioDan great source.
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