Me - "Talks to client about his deliverable"

Him - So when can we show a demo?

Me - On thursday we could show a totally working deliverable.

Him - "Really on thursday? i was hoping to get it done for tomorrow"

My mind - *Dude. do you even know how much time does it takes to finish the latest changes you just asked me today? i mean probably we could get it done if you weren't so cheap at the proposal, you know, when I told you we would take longer if i dropped the price. And I could have a couple more devs working here so we could had the finish product a week ago, and still we are on time... so WTH dude *

Me - No, sorry I wouldn't dare to show you a half baked demo. But ill try my best to show you before that day.

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    this reminds me of a scene in silicon valley where galvin belson barks out orders and shit that needs to be done to the hooli developers who explain that it’s a little more difficult than that. then he smiles and goes "okay, so do it."
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    To future readers: Thursday means 3 days later.
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