"Functionality is so over-valued in design, and we’ve kept design very small in that way. Functionality is the sheer minimum. If your house burns down, what do you take? The cat in the window that you got from your mother, or the chair you have?" - Marcel Wanders

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    The damn chair if the cat is stupid enough to not get out of the house on fire it's a stupid ass cat
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    @PerfectAsshole i know a cat that moves so less that the only cause that she would leave the house is her bladder.
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    @stop get a bucket of water and drop a water bomb(small firecracker) in it right behind it. Bet it will run
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    @PerfectAsshole already tried that, she moved onto the couch.
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    @stop then that proves my point. If the house is on fire leave the door open and the cat will find it's way out. The cat might move to the couch but once that catches on fire it will go though a window or open door eventually. Self preservation is an instinct thats in everything no matter how lazy it is
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    @PerfectAsshole she were an half meter away.
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