Hey, just need a little advice regarding android kernels.
Does anyone know a simple way to download either pre-compiled or source code of stock kernels delivered with phones?
I flashed one, but have some System UI problems, so I want to go back to stock, but I can't find any download.

I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S6 (zerofltexx).

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    Hey, @Haxk20, do you happen to know something about this?
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    OEMS usually post it on their sites. Just search for it. If not XDA is your friend.
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    Seems like Resurrection Remix, which I'm running, actually comes with its own kernel, but they don't seem to offer a separate download for it.
    Is it included as ZIP in the full ROM archive?
    I have limited data, so I'd prefer to know before downloading.
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    I can literally only find custom kernels, not a single official one.
    The Samsung open source site doesn't have a kernel to download either.
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    Just restore your backup ;). Reinstalling the rom is the next best bet.
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    @PrivateGER Yes kernel is inlcluded in full ROM zip. Its boot.img file that you can flash on device.
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