How about a rant about devrant?

Where the heck can you find info about how stuff works within a rant?

How do I embed a picture or a link properly?
How do I use the smileys?

Actually, the post-window itself should empower the user to do these things, but all you get is the attach image thingy.

I presume this all works out of the box when ranting with your mobile phone or something, but using the port rant thing on the site, I have no clue.

So, can someone please link me to the OBVIOUS location where this info can be found and that I missed? Thanks.

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    Isn't it all just plaintext? If something looks like a link, it becomes a link. If you enter a unicode emoji, it will be an unicode emoji.
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    It's a quiz.
    A little barrier for people asking for too much convenience, like such Insta-Zombies.
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    You got your text.
    Links become links. Simply paste the URL.
    Want to attach an image? Click "attach image".
    That's it.
    None of that markdown bullshit.
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    But I have seen people do it.

    Some posts have images at specific spots, some posts have smileys in the text, and I think I have also seen links where you have a word you can click on and the full link "hidden", like in a href tag.

    That's why I was wondering about that stuff, cause I have seen it IS possible.
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    @PrivateGER Hey, respect markdown!
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    @gronostaj No, fuck markdown. When everyone here starts typing with headings, I'll be angry.
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    Smileys are just from mobile devices. They are supported.
    The image thing I have never seen anywhere. Can you point to a rant?
    Also, all links over a specific length are truncated to not fill up too much space.
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    @PrivateGER somehow reddit allows kinda markup in comments and it works, not over used at all
    Pretty funny sometimes too
    I bet not adding buttons for it helped alot
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    Seriously 🤦‍♂️you need a manual for a simple ass problem?

    Here, have a god damn manual!
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    @C0D4 Am I doing this right?
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    @Kimmax nailed it
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    It's what you see is what you get. If you post a link we will see a link. If you desperately want to post emojis, and I don't see why you would want to, type in the Unicode. What else do you want? A JS parser?
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    @C0D4: Lol, thanks for trying to help, but as I clearly wrote in the OP, that's not the part I need help with.

    So smileys are mobile only, I was right not to be sure about links and the same applies to images, according to @irene. And I'm not going to start an argument with someone who's clearly been around a LITTLE while longer.

    I distinctly remember seeing something like that and wondering how it was possible (that was the first time I looked for a doc), but appearently I'd been coding too long that day or something. At least I can't find a post with such an image off hand.

    This was not supposed to be a feature request or something, I honestly expected something like that to exist based on the smileys alone, but obviously that's not the case, so .... well, that's how it is then.

    I do like markup ... but (as I commented just today) I also like kiss, so more power to the KISS approach!
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    Closest we have to markup is this guy

    Class xyz{
    Public function whoot(){
    return highlightbot_ftw;
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    To add emoji's on Windows press

    Windows-key + . (full stop)
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    @irene I think OR remember a (non-)rant from someone who made yet another devrant supporting a subset of markdown. There was some screenshots.
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    I think everybody has mentioned this but devrant is meant to be used on the phone and there are other clients that have better features for desktop.
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    Links are auto-truncated on post

    Images are always at the bottom

    Emoji can be entered by typing an emoji. Literally everything has a way to type emoji
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    Also, use one of the billion desktop clients.
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    Thanks for all the input and tipps.

    Especially the emoji thing with Win+., didn't know about that yet.

    I don't want to use my phone cause I suck at typing at the small onscreen keyboard - I can manage, but typing on an actual keyboard is just much more convenient for me.

    Neither do I want to install a client, not that I know what type of client it even would have to be.

    But as I wrote above, this was never intended to be a feature request, I just wanted to learn about the features there already are.

    Ok, it's not many, and intendedly so - point taken.

    Thanks again everyone.
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