I spotted a wild ranter

Queue Pokemon music

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    I'd censor everyone using a font like this
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    That font, that god forsaken fucking font!!! Burn it, burn it alive.

    I'll keep @Root out of the flame, but god damn burn that font out of existence and anyone who uses it.
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    Hang on a sec: is that subreddit about Rust? Is that a Rust fanboy getting butthurt about a C++ post?
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    @endor technically it's supposed to be a rust meme sub making fun of rust elitism
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    @watzon ah, had no idea (don't know pretty much anything about Rust or its community)
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    ha found it in rant that i'm reading
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    @Pogromist may you share the original post?
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    just because it works doesn't mean we should allow it. if your car is producing a shitload of black smoke into the air and everyones face. its bad for the environment, people, and could cause crashing when people cant see.

    but it does work... so we should keep all shitty cars
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    @C0D4 Sucks as a font, but it'd be great as handwriting.
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    @C0D4 BTW that's not Root's font. It's the font of the poster - rustjerk.
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    rustjerk is the sub. The OP is juchaist.
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    as @Root i'd feel used. RIP context.
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    The person in that screenie makes fantastic points.

    I also find it amazing that it's on a Rust subreddit because that's as strict as an orphanage matron about what you can and can't do, when, and how.

    Someone got triggered about their preference for abusive relationships 😊
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    @gronostaj I actually had a hard time focusing on the content because of the font.
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    @bahua You're right! I missed the r/ and u/.
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