The sad day has come people... Anyone who knows me; knows that python and PHP are not my favourite of things...

But I've decided to try and work towards getting a Dev position at my current work place... That required PHP and python knowledge

Gonna be honest, better pay but have to use PHP and python or kill myself is a very tough choice...

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    I'm putting this in the karma bucket 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Welcome my fellow PHP dev.
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    @C0D4 Don't you dare call me such a filthy thing!

    *Spits at feet*
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    @lxmcf these feet have walked a long path with PHP, your spit has no effect.
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    Just try some OOP php 7.4 beta in a vm/container and tell me what ya think :p
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    Finally! He's seen the error in his ways and is willing to come back to reason.
    Welcome back, mate!
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    @Jilano a true dev he will become.
    I see great potential In his new found ways.
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    @Jilano Still staying bald young emu lover
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    @lxmcf Tsssk

    @Wack There's no Aussie translation, unfortunately. He might not understand.
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    @Jilano @Wack not enough didgeridoo's, 0/10
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    @Wack I was expecting something along the lines of "DON'T"
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    I mean...

    I love php

    Part renegade, part conformist, the everlasting battle between these two apparent in her milky white skin... those eyes, blue as the sky... and a killer body to boot.
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    Welcome to the Python war:
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    Be happy :) As long as you doesn't have to use microsoft stuffs for webdev you should be okay.
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    PHP is sucks. You'll love it.
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    @Demolishun tabs > spaces, im not that stupid
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    Oh my.....

    As someone who is NOT a webdev, doesn't know (yet?) a single lick of php, and has stuck with C++ and assembly (don't ask) for a while...

    Is this thing worth it? I have been thinking to expand my pentest skillset to web apps, and that involves (besides sqli) php, asp and derivatives, and some other stuff...

    Am I getting into some satanic cult?
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    @bladedemon run... Run far far away and fast
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    Java is client side. Php is server side. Just take it as this is the moment you've been waiting for.
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    @Chea Java is definitely not just client side - a fair number of APIs are Java-based
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