Why is procrastination a thing? It needs to not be a thing.

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    Yeah, good luck with that...
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    We'll discuss that topic later
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    So you're anti-crastining?
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    Yeah. Will remove it from the list of things lat...... 😴😴😴
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    I often find myself procrastinating when there is some missing factor in my mental image of the Aufgabe. It's not laziness, rather a form of confusion and weariness. But if you don't work it and find out what those issues are that hold you back then it becomes laziness.
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    Funniest rant in a while... Hahaha... Im still wiping my tears!!!
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    No problem. I can fix it... Tomorrow.
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    @Ubbe I work far better tired than I do awake & sober. Mostly because I wanna finish shit so I can go to sleep but then I just keep working on it because I forgot to go to sleep.
    Weariness & confusion means you get more work out of me.
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    @vt320 ok. We are all different. For me perhaps more work also. Still I am not interested in maximizing work but results. And if I am tired and confused I do the wrong things or make a mess.
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