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    Dual boot linux ♥️
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    Windows pro so you have hyperv
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    Use docker toolkit to keep support for virtualbox and others, while still having same experience as on linux.
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    Made it work on mac perfectly fine with docker-sync. They claim they have beta support for windows too, so my next step is to setup environment on win for my colleagues.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs lots of my friends / colleagues on mac complains that docker is slow on , true?
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    @Lyniven yes, but only if you have mounted volumes with large amount of files (like typical php app with composer vendors). This issue can be solved with old good sync techniques like unison or rsync. Docker-sync plugin I mentioned before basically does it out of the box with minor configuration changes.
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    Forget about Hyper-V and use vagrant with a Linux docker vm
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    Forget it. You either switch to linux or spend a month hunting down and fixing issues popping up on windows. Everything works, then suddenly an update and you spend a week on tweaking and fixing it again.
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    @alexbrooklyn I wish. This is a corporately provided machine with bitlocker and a bunch of “thou shalt not touch the UEFI” stuff turned on.
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