I moved about a month ago, the new place has crap curtains (yay for renting 😔) so I was waking up at 5-6am as the sun comes up 😞.

I bought blinds a couple of weeks ago, they've just arrived and all screwed on. I was waking up and getting bored so I started going out running before work. My last job I was the absolute last one in the building every day, yet also the closest. Now, with the running I'm getting in at about the same time but one of the first in my new job.

My new blinds are remote controlled/programmable. It's a bit sad but totally worth it, I'll be able to sleep in, have sunlight waking me up and still get to work at a sensible time, kinda just gives me more time in the day! 😁

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    I have both blackout blinds and a sleeping mask, solves it all lol
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