Netflix, why is your loading spinner so horrible!

Do you know what a percentage is??? 99% means you are ALMOST done. Just a tiny fraction to go. I should not see 99% for seconds or even minutes on end. Much less after the first 98% took only a couple seconds!!

Stop the lies!!!

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    The last bit does all the difference. Like when you learn you have to re-download a huge file all over again.
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    It is done by the same guys that do Windows progress bars.
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    Progress bars are a delusion, indeed
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    It gets stuck at 99 because it was randomly incremented to a certain value to give the user visual feedback .
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    I have convinced myself that progress bars contain 2 stages: the copying of files (0-99) and scripts meant to configure the whole thing (99-100). Sometimes file copying includes the download time but you get the point.
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