I used to be an iPhone user since iPhone 3, every year switching to the new model, always complaining about limitations and jailbreaking it with the concerns this brings up to the table, anyway, I also tried other cellphones like Samsung Galaxy XXX, worse shit ever, and those annoying Samsung apps you cannot uninstall, pfff, worst of the worst.

I started with pure Android phones some years ago, first with pixel 2, holly shit, software is amazing, I was amazed an happy with my phone, "infinite cloud storage for free" yes please!!!

The problem comes after 5 months of use, battery drains in less than 3 hours, even with the cellphone screen off and not using it, it was under warranty and got a new battery for free, well, no that bad. Suddenly the apps start blocking each other and takes a lot to open or switch between apps. I bought also the famous PIXEL BUDS, worst purchase ever, you never know if they are charging or still connected, no matter how hard do you try, it randomly connects, I tried all the possible solutions, didn't work, one random day, the buds went off, got new ones thanks to the warranty, now they are starting to fail again.

Bought the pixel 3, same exact shit as before, same errors, same shitty hardware, battery drains in hours, and I am a regular user, I do not have games or use it in an intensive way.


- Google: Shitty hardware, great software, no limitations(I can send you one of my songs through Whatsapp and copy anything form my computer as a file), but god, why your hardware is so bad?
Also, a lot of free apps, but very bad designed, just look for any app to listen podcasts, you have to waste 10secs every fucking time to listen your shit, freedom comes with a price no doubt.

- Samsung: I have no idea who want that shit and why, , not satisfaction at all

- Apple: Fucking expensive, have to pay for everything, but quality is much better, hardware is flawless, I have to admit it, my GF has a freaking iPhone 7 and her phone is fine the whole day, on the downside, well, costs and limitations relative to sharing and use

So, I will switch again to fucking Apple, best of the 3 bad evils

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    I have a Samsung S3 mini (from 2013) and it works alright. I replaced the battery once, 1.5 years ago and it holds all day easily.
    I hate my mom's iPhone, a stupid device that does not connect to anything. Moving files from/to it is a pure nightmare, and it's inability to play nice with anything other than Apple products is why I hate Apple. And of course the custom everything - e.g., why use a normal USB charging input when you can fuck the user with a costly Apple charger.
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    Yeah, uh, the Pixel does NOT have, "pure Android." It's a Google-branded version, filled with Google services and Google bloat. You can't get a, "pure," experience without rooting.
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    @irene Yeah, shittier ones
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    @NickyBones I know, those were some of the reasons I switch to another brand, but as I said, every single device is so disappointing, btw, I had a Samsung Galaxy s3, even opening Facebook was a nightmare, and the phone use to restart randomly
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    @RantSomeWhere I wish could believe you my friend, but pretty sure they are not that good, my hearth is telling me that
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    @bahua The best android I've had so far, rooting, wtf do I need to root? btw, that is risky, I don't know, considering to switch to the classic "it just works"
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    @arcioneo you should try OnePlus - great hardware and great software too, and they seem to hold their value pretty well over time.
    If only they hadn't removed the headphone jack in the latest models, I'd have switched already.
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    @endor So, you recommend a phone that you haven't tried?

    Mmm, that sounds not realiable
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    @arcioneo just to be clear: I'm not reccommending anything. I'm just telling you what I would do if I had to choose a new phone right now.

    OnePlus' OxygenOS implementation of Android has been highly praised for being lean, fast, and reliable for many generations, and as I said: I would have bought one myself a while ago if it hadn't been for the headphone jack.

    I don't switch phones often, and I give zero fucks about brands and "image", all I care about is specs and useful features - and OnePlus definitely delivers on that front.

    Samsung has been decent up to the Note 9 (if you can deal with some of their issues and care enough to maintain a device in the long-term), but with the 10th gen they got carried away with the Apple way of doing things (which works anyway, so from a business standpoint: why not?).
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    @RantSomeWhere You just respond to your own question my friend, if the cellphone is that good, why the hell do I need to concern about rooting it?

    That is exactly what makes sounds in my head, if You have a super good product, why do you need to re-configure it?

    I don't know Rick, looks suspicious.

    I can also root easily my pixel 3, but don't see any reason to do it, gosh, with iPhone hardware it'd be so perfect.
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    @RantSomeWhere Also, something is not mentioned about that OnePlus thing, I wonder if the battery is still good after 6 months, I mean, that is something I recognize(by experience) on an iPhone, after a year the battery is still very good.

    I understand your choice to root, but even though, I do not trust on people who created those roms, at least with the brand provider you have some warranties.

    Not sure, the traits on OnePlus sound impressive, but, why the hell a cellphone needs 12gb of ram? and think about it, more ram, more battery consumption, I don't know, is hard to trust after not a single one cellphone in 14 years
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    @arcioneo you don't *have to* root your phone. But it's nice that there are still manufacturers that respect their user's freedom of choice and control over their own device instead of trying to lock them down.

    And as I've already said: OxygenOS is said to work very well out of the box, so you might want to look further into that instead of limiting your view of Android to just Google and Samsung.

    It's like saying "I tried a Toyota Prius and a Hyundai i40 and they were shit, therefore all asian cars are shit".
    Your sample size is too small.
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    Root is useless on modern Android really, I haven't found any use for it since Android 7.
    I mean, I use my old phone as a freaking server using an Ubuntu chroot (technically a "proot"), without it being rooted !

    If you want to buy an Android phone I would recommend OnePlus really. Generally chinese Android phones are great but you need to unlock the bootloader and install a custom rom, but not on OnePlus devices since oxygenOS isn't a giant piece of shit.
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    > why the hell a cellphone needs 12gb of ram?

    It doesn't, this is marketing. It used to be GHz, then camera megapixels, now it's RAM.
    Maybe it's headphone jacks next. I'd be delighted. ;)
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    I have bought a Moto G5 Plus a couple years ago and I am really ok with it, the design is ugly as hell with big borders, but damn, it works great, a couple months ago I have installed the pixel experience AOSP ROM (the Moto bootloader can be officially unlocked) and now I have brand new software running great. There is a big world outside Apple, Samsung and the Pixel.
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