One of the most badass setup I've seen.

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    @FrodoSwaggins and then breaks because it flies at the CPU Cooler!
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    If it works, don't judge. I mean this is better than my friend, after having his wisdom teeth removed, came home and proceeded to explain his world changing idea of cooling a system with pasta sauce.
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    Hopefully those strings are pretty strong 😨
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    Cloud computing
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    So that's what a "loosely coupled system" looks like... 🤔💡
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    That is the biggest PC
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    The real question is...

    Does it have a lever?
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    @GeaRSiX Dont worry! A single string can hold up to 4294967295 characters.
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    It's giving me heart palpations
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    The real cloud
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    But can it run crysis?
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    I am still trying to grasp the context of this artform. Maby expressionism or post-modernism? But I am bad at art periods so do not rely on me.
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    If it was more spaced out so the parts wouldn’t swing into each other then it would be totally earthquake proof

    @Gerrymandered 😂😂😂 yes someone send this to Linus
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    New style piñata!
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    This is a weird puppet show, and not at all as adorable as I expected
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    I think there was another setup like this shown arround here ... and I am still not sure about it ... I don't see any benefit from hanging the PC hardware in the middle of the room - just that you ran against it when it is dark :D

    One of the The tags here says poor ... I don't know what kind of poor it is referring to, but I would always prefer the way of understatement ... Put your (probably not to bad) hardware in some shitty old case would have more 'wow effect' to me than this ^^
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