IBM Cloud seems to be the only cloud computing platform that has a responsive website.

Admittedly I have only used GCP and AWS, I haven't touched Azure yet. Both GCP and AWS have incredibly slow web portals that take ages to load after every single click.

IBM Cloud is the only cloud service platform when I clicked a button and it loaded the next page like a normal website. It honestly felt surreal to navigate through all of their services. I have no clue why AWS and GCP are both so bad, it reflects really poorly on their services. If they can't get their own web portals to run quickly, why should I expect their services to be fast and reliable?

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    You should expect their services to be reliable because they are and there’s an assload of data to prove it if you believe in data driven opinions.

    That’s not an excuse for having slow web portals but there’s also no excuse for the preposterous and demonstrably wrong logic in your post

    Also, IBM web services are probably fast because nobody uses them so there’s that too.
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    IBM is total shit. High costs+tech issues.
    AWS and Google are good for cloud services. Use a good CLI tool, and all will ve good.
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    I still can't figure out how to navigate the docs on their website properly, it's so confusing.
    And I've already used Azure, AWS, and looked at GCP (plus a bunch of smaller providers)
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