What's your drug? 💉

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    I don't always test, but when I do, I test in production.

    More seriously though, I'm a huge fan of BDD, we just do use it my work.
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    HDD. Hard-Drive Drugs.
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    @juneeighteen I'm not much of a tester myself. I'm looking to improve my workflow with regard to testing. Good to hear your thoughts on this.
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    DDD. Deadline-driven Development. It's not my drug by choice, alas it has been forced upon me.
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    @alyx DDD. I think most use live by it.
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    TDD. Makes it easy to create easy to read adaptable code. Love splitting everything up in their functional parts and hmm <3
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    @alyx I'd like to add so many ++ to your post. You speak the truth.
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    When DDD is just not enough
    SDD - Stackoverflow driven development
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    crack, oh that wasn't the question, right, TDD cause i understand code better than normal english
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