I read https://devrant.com/rants/1845851/...

I was going to comment until I realized it was a post from 300 days ago.

Just want to say ask you how it went or give a post mortem. Also Congratulations. I hope you brought a long run way when you started almost a year ago.

Remember starting is 80% of finishing, and carrying through is the other 20%.

Success looks easy when all you see are the success stories. Steve jobs wasn't the most famous marketer, he was the most famous salesman, and what he sold was a dream.

Marketing is a buzzword, and a lot of companies try to use marketing as a replacement for sales people, but nothing really beats a good sales person or team. Thats the secret to marketing: forgo it as much as possible and work on sales and relationships instead. Awareness is nice, but money and sales are better.

This coming from a guy who had six businesses by the time he was twenty six and helped his family to start two other successful businesses.

Apparently I'm good at helping other people make money just not good at helping myself do it.

What I've learned is if you can get 1 customer you can get 10 and if you can get 10 you can get 100. And then keep going.

Good luck.

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