So the job was for a web developer, specifically.
We needed a person who was very confident with PHP, JS, HTML, CSS.

This dude comes in, he says he's confident with all of them, we ask him how he would solve a problem we're having and he answers just like we answered the first time. Which is a good start.

By the end of the interview, he just says: "ok, but like I'm not here to work as a developer"
"WTF are you even here for, then?"
"To work on anything else than that"
"But we just need that"
"I won't do it"
"Ok, then, bye"

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    What a plot twist at the end.๐Ÿ˜…
    I was literally like "umm.... ๐Ÿคจ??"
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    @cb219 we were all shocked as well!
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    I think he just wanted to flex on all of your for whatever reason.
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    We once had a guy like that. We were looking for Perl/Python/TCL/CSH guy to support the developing environment. The guy applied, we asked can you handle all these script languages etc. He said sure! Well you're hired!

    The first assignment was to create some simulation scripts, log file filters etc. And the guy said "well I am not really interested in this scripting stuff. I would like to learn developing."

    For some reason the managers agreed. So, then we got an overpaid junior level HW coder with a company car and benefits. Still no script guru.
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    Which one is it then, what you said in this post OR here:

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    @stupidchromedev money wasn't even in the conversation, we were still trying to understand if he fitted the role, and he fitted, but didn't want to fit for some fucking reason, IDK
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    @ZioCain I have had the opposite experience when I was being interviewed. I applied for a development position. During the interview they said the opening was for a manager/dev who would eventually only manage. In my head I was saying "does not compute". They explained devs tend to take one of 2 paths. Developer or manager. I told them it was not a good fit. I gotta keep my dev on. They completely understood. They told me to call them if I change my mind. I really really liked what they did too.

    So, maybe this guy was looking for a management position and didn't communicate this well.
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    @Demolishun I really don't know, but he was like a student, so probably he realized this was an actual job and didn't want to be part of it

    Your story's weird tho
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    I wanna make applications

    I don't actually want to make them though

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    Did that person just waste your ducking time bro? Brb blacklisting for eternity ๐Ÿฆ†๐Ÿ–•
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