Interviewee was googling the answers to the technical questions on a Skype interview. Their CV said they had 2 years experience.

Us: "How does X work?"
Them: "Uhh...what's X?"
[clack clack clack of interviewees keyboard]
Them: "Oh.....X! [reads verbatim from the tutorial]"

We had some fun asking ridiculous questions for a while, seeing how big a hole they could dig for themselves. Once we got bored of making fun of them we ended the interview early. Much less awkward on Skype than IRL.

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    Seems immature and unprofessional from both sides.
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    Hire him, he knows how to google under stress ::;-)
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    What were the questions? //if not secret
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    @milkyway I have to agree to some extent. I'd much rather have a developer who can *AND WILL* search their issues online first than someone who has be spoon-fed each step.
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    i havent been in an interview before, but this looks fun,
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    He's just getting a head start on programming like a champ: aka google is my saviour
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    My ex coworker couldn't even do that.. or managed to google and copy pasta evertything without checking..
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