We were already working overtime all Saturday. Boss came in the evening to demand some ridiculous shit. Me and senior dev agree it's ridiculous. It's already 1 am Sunday. I already explained to him why it doesn't make sense so he suggest more changes that doesn't even solve his initial problem. He asks me if I can do it by Monday morning. I can't. He suggested way too many breaking changes that I don't even agree with and I have to sleep like a normal human being.

I shit you not, he says he will do it himself. This guy barely even codes and has never seen a single line of code for this project. I didn't stop him. I went home and slept.

End of rant.

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    Please tell us what he did in the end
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    Don't leave us with a cliff-hanger. Did he end up doing it himself?
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    It's still in progress guys. I'm on my way to the office right now on a Sunday afternoon but of course I'd rather be on my bed watching Terrace House as I slowly fall asleep.
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    Quite frankly, if I was working overtime on a Saturday and the boss "demanded" anything, I'd pack up and go home. If he "demanded" I work on a Sunday as well, then I'd pack up, go home, and start job hunting.
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    Sounds like a job you don't need. Can you leave? I've had bosses like that before and regretted taking their bullshit.
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    You, sir, say "end of rant"

    Why do I see the start of another rant?

    I do estimate that rant will begin on Friday, as the boss' fuck-up will drain all the week to fix.
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    This stinks of bad management. All expectations either internally or externally should be managed to work with a normal work week. Things should take 4 days to implement if they are started on a Friday.

    Demanding things to be done just adds unnecessary pressure and stress.
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    @lazyload any updates worth sharing? :)
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