Telegram or Signal? Got essentially blocked from Messenger because I was stupid enough to fold to peer pressure to get it for robotics and since I enabled it with a GV number they stopped allowing its use for specifically security checks while allowing it even to reset a password, and I somehow got a security check triggered, with no customer support and no ability to call with code, so I'm looking to switch. Even if I get Facebook back, I want to move to something at least that doesn't randomly trigger security checks and then has no customer support.

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    Like @RantSomeWhere said, between the two, it'll always be Signal.
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    Between these two? signal.

    From all my choice is surespot.
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    @DubbaThony Keep in mind that the devs of this app went entirely silent a few years ago!

    If you give a single fuck about your privacy, signal.
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    Maybe they were silent for some time, maybe last update was indeed like 24 april this year but its good, it fufills its role and honestly? I dont want more features. Sending gifs? Noone asked for it. I dont want all in one toolkit for everyrhing, same for programming. If I have class I dont want it to do anything but whats on the label.

    It is robust and it is definitely not EOL.

    It does what it sais - it allows you to communicate securely, it relys on nickname and keys not on email. Its great in terms of privacy. Yes, it compresses images which is mildly annoying, but whatever.

    If you want go fancy, riot.im. But I prefer surespot above all.

    Also, minor thing it dosent have all that "material" design (which annoys me tbh, i dislike where trends went few yrs ago) but sticks to IMHO best android theme in android history - holo.
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    @DubbaThony Fair enough, just wanted to point that out.

    But for the love of whatever, don't use telegram if you care about privacy.
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    Of course, its obvious.

    At least for me.
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    @DubbaThony I did use Riot for a time. Didn't really see the benefits
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    @linuxxx care to elaborate on that please?
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    Riot security on paper should be top notch and its quitr modern.
    Altho uses web stack (electron) which is HUGE cons. But works on PC.


    Flawed protocol. Flawed security.... Encryption not as default (only secure messages or whisper or however that was called).
    Thats one, second IIRC their whisper or sth was flawed and insecure. I dont remember what that was exacly but it was attackable, which is kiiindda lets just say suboptimal ;)

    Google or maybe @linuxxx will elaborate more.

    E: minor fix
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    @DubbaThony was aware of the encryption not as default part
    But didnt know that the Secret Chats feature is exposed to attacks
    Thanks for the info
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    Hahaha, if you asked me half a year ago my response would be same
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    @DubbaThony That indeed.

    Also telegram doesn't do shit for metadata protection but the worst imo is that they advertise as a secure end to end encrypted messenger while you manually have to turn that on!
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